Tommy's Car Wash

Investment Fund

What is this investment?

Just like McDonald’s restaurants, car washes are first and foremost a real estate play. Just like apartments, car wash customers pay the mortgage, operating expenses and provide cash flow.

You’re using other people’s money.

As a business, optimizing marketing and customer service directly increases cash flow, and as the cash flow increases, so too does the valuation of the franchise.

This fund is a pool of investor capital that will be used to buy and build not one, not two, but 50 new car wash facilities with aspirational geographic diversification—the fund will build in class A locations in major markets chosen for their favorable demographics and growth outlooks. Following the acquisition, the fund will continue to own the properties, while operations are carried out by a professional management company, Olympus Pines.

Why Participate In Car Wash Funds?

    • Completed proof-of-concept with 3 facilities.
    • Recession-resistant asset class.
    • Strategically placed in high-growth markets.
    • Zero fund car wash locations have failed to-date.
    • Strong cash-flow potential.
    • 100% bonus depreciation (equal to investment).

These 50 car wash facilities will be a franchised up-scale car wash brand that has existed for over 50 years, Tommy’s Express Car Wash.

Riding a car wash conveyor belt is often a carnival of mechanical engineering, but these facilities take high-tech car washing to its apex, using their app, members pay seamlessly without stopping.

Tommy’s has its roots in the development and manufacture of car washing equipment. As investors, we see equipment and machinery as an opportunity for tax write-offs via depreciation.

You don’t look at most car washes and think, “There is a lot of money to be made here.” Car washes don’t typically have a reputation for being technologically advanced or eco-friendly either. Tommy’s Car washes are very high tech, eco-friendly, and Tommy’s generates as much annual revenue as McDonald’s. Yes, the golden arches McDonald’s.

The car-washing business is a $10 Billion industry.
You can find out all about the Tommy Express Car Wash business model, here.

Some of the highlights of this investment are:
• Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is expected to be 22.8%.
• 100% of the net cash flow goes to the investors.
• Bonus depreciation is available.
• The investment term is less than 5 years.


This provider has an excellent track record in many industries and has offered various funds to our GRE investors since 2017. GRE is always cautious of providers overpromising and underdelivering. Not this provider. You can expect solid communication and positive returns. In fact, our investors like them so much, many continuously reinvest.

How To Qualify

This investment is open to accredited investors—in order to be an accredited investor you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • $1M net worth (excluding primary residence)
  • $200k annual income for the past two years (Individual only)
  • Knowledgeable employee, such as a stockbroker or financial advisor
  • Invest on behalf of a business with more than $5 million in assets and/or all of the equity owners are

If you meet any of these requirements, then you are an accredited investor, there is no test, no license, or certificate to worry about.

The investment provider will confirm your status as an accredited investor and you will be allowed to participate.
The minimum investment is $100k.

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