Jacksonville, Florida


Sample Units:

Why This Provider?

In other states, you can earn positive cash flow as a real estate investor, but you won’t maximize your return on investment because they lack the recipe for success.

That’s what makes JWB and Jacksonville different. Jacksonville, Florida is home to the perfect combination of low house prices, high rental rates and high property appreciation. That’s why investing here is so appealing.


Property Management:

  • $41,319,596 total positive cash flow delivered since 2011
  • Clients in 49 states and 13 countries
  • 4300+ rental units under management


Market Profile:

Jacksonville, FL is the largest city by area in the contiguous United States with over 150 unique neighborhoods and is currently home to over 1.5 million residents . Convenient location, reasonable cost of living, high quality of life, mild climate, and a business-friendly government, also makes Jacksonville a popular location for corporate expansions and relocations.

With over 22 miles of beaches, historic neighborhoods, vibrant arts and entertainment, coastal cuisine and more, the Jacksonville ‘easy lifestyle ’ has made us an attractive city for relocation, and recently named 4th ‘Most Popular City Moved To in 2019’ in the 2020 Migration Report by Hire a Helper.

Jacksonville continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in the country. In fact, it’s now the 12th largest city in the U.S. The Jacksonville MSA is expected to grow 7.7% over the next 5 years (compared to national growth of 2.5%). This MSA has a vast array of employers including the Naval Air Station, Baptist Health, Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Mayo clinic. Our turnkey provider has seen 79% more appreciation on the homes they build than the Jacksonville market has seen, on average.


Quick Facts:

• 27% Lower home prices than the US median
• 0.3% Higher gross rents than US median
• 34% more home price appreciation than US average
• #6 fastest growing population in US

Population: 902, 488
Metro Size: 1,637,666

GDP Per Capita: $91,023
Cost of Living70.36
Area: 875 square miles
Elevation: 16ft
Region: The South
Time Zone: Eastern






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